Why Have A Website?

1. Reach your customers and potential customers 24/7. Even when you aren't answering your phone, the internet is up. Your competitors are only a click away. Make sure your potential customers can find you online! Give them a reason to do business with you.

2. Your website creates an impression about who you are. That’s why it’s very important to create the BEST impression online. You want to look professional, from your brand identity, to your business cards and print collaterals, to your website and online marketing materials.

3. Your website gives you room to show what you do. Unlike a single print ad, you've got room to describe what your business is all about. Provide answers and information that will turn visitors into customers.

  • Answer frequently asked questions on your website.
    Customers will already have answers to how you do business before they contact you, making the possibility of your doing business together greater.
  • Have a portfolio?
    What a great way for someone to see your current projects, and your style – online!
  • Have products to sell?
    You can show examples of your products with descriptions AND sell them online!
  • Have great client feedback?
    Include it! There’s nothing better than a really great testimonial about your services.
  • Want to generate leads from your website?
    Create a (short) contact form with a list of subjects people might be interested in. You’ve grabbed an important lead! Offer a free service for completing an online query.
  • Have information you want to share periodically with your customers? Make sure you include an email newsletter sign-up box prominently on your website.

4. Be a source of information. You know your customers better than your competition. Give them information they can't find elsewhere. Update your site content frequently and give visitors a reason to come back for more.

5. You have something your visitors need. You have what your customers need. Make sure you are serving them by making it easy for them to find you!

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