Setting Up Blogs

We are asked periodically if a client would be better off creating a blog website instead of a traditional website.

Blog sites are important for people who interact with their customers on a daily or constant basis and who want to be able to add content, pictures and videos in a blog forum. If you're working on projects and need to let people know how they are progressing, blogs are a great tool!

If you want to provide a forum for a class or talk you've recently given, blogs provide a great platform for feedback.

How to create a blog

  • Determine the things you want to blog about! Do they tie into your business model?
  • We will help you come up with a name for your blog
  • You should have a logo and a tagline
  • We will set up your blog hosting
  • Check out BeGenuine's new website design page for a list of questions that can apply to your blog design.

The big question: Can you design your blog yourself? Absolutely! If you feel comfortable poking around and figuring out how to set things up online, visit Wordpress and take a look at what they've got to offer. BeGenuine will be happy to install and customize your blog for you.

Want to have a blog and update it but not comfortable creating or modifying the template? BeGenuine will be happy to work with you in whatever capacity fits your plan to get you set up so you can take the blog over.

Make sure you have the time to keep your blog up to date - it takes almost daily commitment to keep your blog interesting. If you build it and then don't use it, people will stop visiting (and your entire reason for having a blog is lost!).

Remember to drive traffic to your regular website if you have one. And, make sure you've got a link to your blog on your website home page.

Contact BeGenuine today to find out how we can help you develop your blog presence.


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